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Maha Prasad Of Kashivishwanath Mandir

Lakhs of Kashivishwanath devotees staying outside Varanasi are keen to have the mahaprasad, they are not getting it. If you stay outside Varanasi and want to have the famous “Mahaprasad”,while sitting at home. your desire will certainly be fulfilled. We will send you “dry” prasad a pack of dry prasad will contain “Bhasm”,"BelPatra","Mishri","RakshaSutra","Kissmiss"&"Kaju"of Vishwanath Mandir. You just have to transfer money to our bank account If you stay in India you have to send Rs 500/- and for devotees outside India the amount is Rs 1200/-per pack. The amount is inclusive of packing charges as well as the charge for the Mahaprasad. “We will try our level best to despatch the Mahaprasad within a week of receiving the money.”

Order now the Mahaprasad of Kashivishwanath Mandir

Inside India Rs 500 (With Courier Charge)
Outside India Rs 1200 (With Courier Charge)

Dr Ashok Kuma Jha (Panditji)


Mobile: 091+ 09335471019 / 09198302474

Email :enquiry@kashi.in

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