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What is Kundali

Kundali is Graphical representation of Planets at time of your Birth in a specific method developed by ancient yogis .There are 9 Planets , Sun (su) , Moon (Moo) , Mars (Ma), Mercury (Me),Jupiter (Ju) , Venus (Ve) , Saturn (Sa) , Rahu (Ra) , Kethu (ke)

Kundali will be send to you by post

Information Required For Making Kundali:

1. Name :

2. Father Name:

3. Date of Birth :

4. Time of Birth :

5. Place of Birth :

With the help of this our panditji will make kundali and send to you.

Information Required For MatchMaking

Kundali of both boy & Girl

For any other information Mail or send your kundali by Post

Kundali Charges
New Kundali Making
Rs 1100/-
Study Kundali For 1Yrs
Rs 501/-
Study Kundali For 5Yrs
Rs 1500/-
Muhurat For Marriage with Kundali
Rs 501 /-
Muhurat For Marriage without Kundali
Rs 201/-

Dr Ashok Kuma Jha (Panditji)


Mobile: 091+ 09335471019 / 09198302474

Email :enquiry@kashi.in



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